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    Groundbreaking new study reveals how the inner ear processes speech

    A new paper, published in Nature Communication, reveals a new mechanism delivering vital information to the brain.

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    Training of the brain may help future tinnitus patients: “Many people suffer in silence”
    PhD student Martin Jensen wants people to train their tinnitus through their hearing aids. Learn more about his research here.
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    Employee portrait: Alejandor Lopez Valdes
    "What I do is to help understand how hearing aids can provide a benefit for the listeners with respect to cognitive load in different projects," says Alejandro Lopez Valdes. Meet the research engineer in our newest employee portrait.
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    Measuring listening effort tells us about the benefits of a hearing aid

    In a new study, listening effort was used as the measurement for the benefit of a hearing aid.


Research Areas 

Although all of the research at Eriksholm originates with our mission, a very broad spread of topics is being investigated. We organise these under three strategic mega-trend inspired research themes

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Read the annual reports from Eriksholm Research Centre, detailing research activities, conferences and publications for each fiscal year dating back four years.