Gabrielle (Gaby) Saunders

Research Area Manager

On the one hand, ageing is the main cause of hearing impairment. On the other hand, older adults are the population age bracket with the fastest growth in usage of information technology such as the Internet, mobile phones, and apps.

In September 2014, a milestone was reached: over half of the world’s population had a mobile phone subscription. Information technology reduces the negative impact of distance and can improve access to quality services, information, etc.

From hearing screening to rehabilitation, we develop and evaluate information technology solutions to improve hearing services. We focus on solutions that aim to improve the quality of life of people with hearing impairment and the cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

We collaborate closely with researchers and clinicians from other institutions. Together with colleagues from Linköping University, we co-organised the first and second editions of the International Meeting on Internet & Audiology1.

Further reading

Andersson G, Lunner T, Laplante-Lévesque A, Preminger JE. (2015). Internet and Audiology: A Review of the First International Meeting. American Journal of Audiology, 24(3), 269-270.