Gabrielle (Gaby) Saunders

Research Area Manager

the application of information technology and communication technology to provide health care.

In a bigger perspective, eHealth helps the flow of information either within or around healthcare. eHealth is a megatrend that affects all healthcare industries. We believe that the successful implementations of eHealth applications will bring many advantages in the assessment and treatment of people with hearing impairment.

Here at Eriksholm Research Centre we are conducting research to encourage more people with hearing impairment to visit hearing care professionals and to take up- and do well with hearing devices. We do this by developing eHealth applications with strong behavioral or psychological components. An important aspect of our research is about optimizing the systems in which hearing care professionals and patients interact. So all of our eHealth applications are taking the needs of the patient, the family, and the hearing care professional into consideration. This helps secure adherence to the hearing treatment.

Our long-term goal is to make life easier for patients and their families using clinically proven health-applications that will result in improved hearing assessment and treatment. Our vision is that one day, the primary health services for people with hearing impairment will be eHealth supported.

If you wish to learn more about eHealth, please click on the video below

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