Niels Henrik Pontoppidan

Research Area Manager

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Augmented Hearing Science

The processing of sound in hearing devices combines knowledge of how people with hearing impairment process sounds and knowledge of what hearing devices will soon become able to do.

The essence in Augmented Hearing Science is the focus on problems that people with hearing impairment experience in their daily life and we continuously strive to solve these problems through innovation that combines research in hearing science and semi-conductor technologies.

Some of our short-term goals are improvements in the sound quality of the hearing devices, the ability for the user to understand speech in difficult situations, and enabling new ways of voice separation in hearing devices. Our long-term goal is to alleviate the proverbial “cocktail party syndrome” by utilizing separation of competing voices in the hearing device to either enhance the person of interest or present a simplified sound scene that enables the user to shift attention.

You can read about our current areas of research here:

Speech segregation using deep neural networks

Personalizing the hearing experience


If you wish to learn more about Augmented Hearing Science, please click on the video below.

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