Website on the history of hearing aids

In addition to the research facilities, Eriksholm Research Centre also houses the Eriksholm Collection, one of the world’s most complete collections of historic hearing devices. Recently, Eriksholm has launched a dedicated website for everyone to read about the history of hearing aids.


The Eriksholm Collections shows hearing aid technology through more than a century. In addition to more than 800 historic hearing aids, the collection also contains about 50 different brands of mechanical devices from the US and Europe, dating from 1800 to 1950. Thus, by strolling through the collection you get a detailed overview of the history and development wihtin hearing devices.

Up till recently, only visitors of Eriksholm Research Centre had the opportunity to enjoy the collection, but recently, this has changed. Tobias Bollerup Henriksen joined Eriksholm two years ago as a student assistant. Tobias studies European Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen, and he was given the task of bringing parts of the Eriksholm Collection to live and to make the history of hearing aids available to more people than those visiting Eriksholm Research Centre.

“Studying the everyday life of different people is an important aspect of my studies, so I got the idea to involve people’s own experiences using hearing aids that you find in our collection by interviewing test subjects and hearing care professionals. By supplementing the historic storyline with quotes from people who actually used the devices, history can be brought to live,” said Tobias.

Thanks to Tobias, everyone can now learn about the history of hearing devices from year 1900 and until today by visiting the dedicated website based on the Eriksholm Collection. 

Tobias found this opportunity to work on the Eriksholm Collection very exciting and we are very happy that he has recently accepted a new challenge from us. Over the course of the next year, together with Claus Nielsen, he will be mapping comments from hearing aid users by going though anonymized journals from a period of 40 years. He will also carry out interviews with hearing care professionals who look back on many years of working with people with hearing impairment.

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