"Let's take it outside!" - a new outdoor meeting room at Eriksholm Research Centre

Situated in a spectacular park just north of Copenhagen is Eriksholm Research Centre. Working in the middle of the beautiful Danish nature is highly appreciated by all members of the Eriksholm staff. To make the most of that, we decided to create an outdoor meeting space. Over the summer, caretaker and on-site muscle for Eriksholm Research Centre, Michael Larsen, has been busy designing, preparing and working on such an outdoor meeting room. On July 7 2016, in a surprising show of sportsmanship by the shifting Danish weather, we celebrated the topping off of our meeting room with ice cream and a burning sun.

The meeting room comes at a perfect time, just as we have finalized renovations of our main building, and are preparing to welcome several new colleagues before the end of the year. This new meeting room will be an opportunity to work in a natural environment and, of course, the new meeting room offers power and wireless Internet.

For the celebration, caretaker Michael Larsen decided – for once – to replace his power tools with an ice cream, and to pose for a photograph in his construction. It will be a few weeks still, until the meeting room stands complete in park, but we are eagerly following the process from our office windows.

It is a longstanding Danish tradition to celebrate with these “topping-off parties.” Back in the day, the idea was to credit the construction workers. It is said, that if someone forgot to host a topping-off party for their diligent handymen, these would often make some intentional, small mistake in the final construction. As an example, the teamsters would place an empty bottle in the walls of their construction, so every time the wind blew the bottle would whistle and sing, and remind everyone that the owner forgot to celebrate the hard work of the people who brought the building to life.

We look forward to breaking it in, once the meeting room is complete, and inviting guests and visitors to join us there. Thank you, Michael, for all your hard work, creativity and dedication to bringing this project to life, all the way from the drawing board. We will certainly put it to good use.