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  • Experts discussed realistic testing at the Eriksholm Workshop
    At the sixth Eriksholm Workshop, experts debated the status and future of ecologically valid assessments of hearing and hearing devices.
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    New employee potrait: Jeppe Høy Christensen

    Research Engineer Jeppe Høy Christensen uses real-world data to understand human behaviour.

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    Listening effort, listening attention, competing voices test: (Re)-read newest Eriksholm publications

    An overview of Eriksholm publications from the first half of 2019.

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    Employee portrait: Dorothea Wendt

    Senior Researcher Dorothea Wendt has been part of developing the field of pupillometry and listening effort at Eriksholm.

Research Areas 

Although all of the research at Eriksholm originates with our mission, a very broad spread of topics is being investigated. We organise these under three strategic mega-trend inspired research themes

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Read the annual reports from Eriksholm Research Centre, detailing research activities, conferences and publications for each fiscal year dating back five years.