History Timeline 

Explore some of the historical highlights for Eriksholm Research Centre
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Oticon A/S acquires the property ’Eriksholm’ in Snekkersten, close to Elsinore.

The purpose was to establish a separate research department to facilitate a combination of fundamental and applied research, independent from the product based research that takes place at headquarters’ research and development department.
Poul Erik Lyregaard was appointed Research Director

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A grand opening.

On September 16th, Oticon’s Managing Director Bent Simonsen welcomed the many invited guests for the opening of the totally refurbished Research and Information Centre, Eriksholm. At the same occasion, Research Director Poul Erik Lyregaard hosted the opening of Eriksholm’s anechoic chamber.

The Eriksholm Library


The Eriksholm library opens

Eriksholm opens "The Eriksholm Collection" consisting of a library and a hearing aid museum. This addition to Eriksholm was funded by the Oticon Foundation.



Testing, testing, testing.

The POGO, Prescription Of Gain and Output, fitting rationale which was described by Research Director Poul Erik Lyregaard and Geary A. McCandless in 1983, is validity tested at Eriksholm.



The Oticon Earette

Oticon launches Earette, E43, a hearing aid specially designed for people with high frequency hearing loss.
The audiological concept was developed at Eriksholm and prototypes of the hearing aid were tested by help of employees at the bottling hall at Carlsberg brewery.



A new senior director.

Claus Elberling is appointed new Research Director at Eriksholm.



The very first Eriksholm Workshop, sponsored by the Oticon Foundation.

A group of about 15 participants is invited by a convenor to discuss a specific topic. The convenor this year is Professor Stuart Gatehouse. The first Eriksholm Workshop focuses on aspects of auditory deprivation and acclimatization in adult hearing aid users.



Oticon launches the DigiFocus

The world’s first digital behind-the-ear instrument, DigiFocus, is launched by Oticon. The fitting rationale in DigiFocus, ASA, Adaptive Speech Alignment, was tested in a double blind test at Eriksholm in 1995.



Time for an upgrade

An experimental version of the digital BTE hardware and software called JUMP-1 was launched by Eriksholm. This prototype was offerered to academic researchers for use in their own independent studies.



20 years in the making

Eriksholm celebrates its 20th anniversary, hosting Professor Stuart Gatehouse as guest speaker, presenting his latest research results.



The 1st Eriksholm Summer Camp

First Eriksholm Summer Camp for young audiologists. The purpose of the Summer Camps is to bring young audiologists from all over the world together to learn and to share knowledge, and to create a life lasting international network. Eriksholm Summer Camps still exist and are sponsored by The Oticon Foundation – the 8th Eriksholm Summer Camp took place in June 2013.



The second Eriksholm Workshop concludes

The second Eriksholm Workshop's focus was on self-report outcome measures in audiological rehabilitation. The convenor was Professor Robyn Cox. An important outcome of the workshop was the questionnaire International Outcome Inventory for Hearing Aids, IOI-HA, that is now used throughout the world.

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The biggest rebuilding of Eriksholm is finalized and comprises a new entrance, conference room, museum and an auditorium seating 90 people.



The third Eriksholm Workshop concludes

The third Eriksholm Workshop focused on the management of auditory and non-auditory factors in hearing solutions for the elderly people. The convenor was Professor Jürgen Kissling.



Launching the Adapto Voicefinder

Oticon launches Adapto. An important part of the audiological concept in Adapto is the VoiceFinder, building on an idea of Claus Elberling, that was refined and tested at Eriksholm.

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Eriksholm celebrates its 25th anniversary with an array of speakers.

One of the speakers is Professor Lisbeth Tranebjærg giving a presentation on Genetics of Hearing Impairment, based on her project that ran from 2001 to 2006 and was funded by the Oticon Foundation.



Senior Director Graham Naylor

Graham Naylor is appointed new Research Director at Eriksholm, a position he holds until 2013



Working globally

The first international Eriksholm project on Behavioral Science was launched with Professor Sophia Kramer as project leader. The project was sponsored by the Oticon Foundation. Read more about the outcomes of the project here and here.



Oticon Launches Agil

Its advanced speech processing and amplification technology Speech Guard is the result of years of research at Eriksholm Research Centre.



'Eriksholm Research Centre' is born.

Eriksholm is branded independently from Oticon and is now officially called Eriksholm Research Centre.



The fourth Eriksholm Workshop concludes, and the consensus is published in Ear & Hearing.

The fourth Eriksholm Workshop focused on Wideband Absorbance Measures of the Middle Ear. The workshop was convened by associate Professor M. Patrick Feeney. For the first time the workshop was held outside of Eriksholm Research Centre

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Uwe Hermann is employed as new Senior Director for Eriksholm Research Centre 



The Second International Meeting on Internet and Audiology was held at Eriksholm Research Centre on September 24-25, 2015, this year with the participation of 70 experts and specialists from all over the world