Jette Widunok Nissen

Business Administrator
Jette has spent ten years managing the day-to-day secretarial tasks at Eriksholm. Back then, she thought she was doing it wrong, because she never had much work to do. That has changed a lot since 2007.

What do you do at Eriksholm?

“I handle a lot of different assignments within Eriksholm Research Centre. These range from more traditional secretary work to tasks related to business administration.”


What are some of the projects you have been involved with at Eriksholm Research Centre?

“One of my primary duties at Eriksholm concerns handling our finances. That means signing off on invoices, expense reports, and purchases made by our colleagues and in general. Additionally, I concern myself very much with more conventional secretarial duties, such as internal coordination, assisting employees in their day-to-day, supporting any incoming requests, helping out new staff and students on house hunting, etc., and administration of the workplace. I have also been involved in a number of large- and small-scale conferences, juggling a number of assignments from organization and coordination of the events, as well as hosting the Eriksholm Workshop.”


What do you like the most about working at Eriksholm Research Centre?

“I do not even know where to begin. I love my colleagues, my working environment, my assignments, the location, and the overall vibe at Eriksholm. I can hardly – if at all – recall having a bad day at work, or having a morning where I have not been excited to get out of bed and get started. Eriksholm Research Centre is very much a shared effort among our many colleagues, and so it is also a wonderful feeling that you are heard, and you can actually influence the daily life at the centre.”


What are the three most important values in your life?

1. Family & friends – I love my beautiful family and friends, and enjoy spending my time in their company whenever possible.

2. Freedom – It is important to me, that we are free to make our own decisions and adventures in life, and that is something I value very highly for myself.

3. Good health – My good health enables me to travel, to keep my garden neat, and to care for my family and friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. This I would not go without.”


Where do you see Eriksholm Research Centre in five years?

“I hope Eriksholm will continue to inspire others within research, something I very much think we are. That we will keep pushing the boundaries and pushing ourselves in this good faith, in which our research centre operates. I hope we will continue to help the many people with hearing aids out there, who need these leaps and advancements in their hearing devices. I simply hope we continue to inspire and improve.”


What do you do in your spare time?

“From time to time my two granddaughters need their grandmother – and I need them. Other than that, I love to do practical things with my time, and I spend my evenings cozying up back home with knitting, baking, or by joining yoga lessons. I like to get out as well, and therefore, as I am the curious type, I try to travel whenever I can get away with it. Not necessarily for luxury hotel stays, but much rather for hikes and new adventures. I like the excitement of not knowing what waits around the corner, or over the next hill. I also work as the treasurer of our local home owners’ association, something that has offered me some political insight, and given me a strong sense of influence over our beautiful area, and its future.”