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Our research themes are formed by user needs

All our research themes originate from the characteristics and needs of hearing-impaired people, whether this be psychoacoustic deficits, perceived shortcomings of current hearing-aid technology, or challenges within the process of rehabilitation.


People are part of everything we do

To help us test ideas and collect data to generate new hypotheses, we have a large pool of hearing-impaired people. They carry out a variety of tasks, ranging from introspection about their hearing abilities, across listening tests in the laboratory, and all the way to carrying test equipment for several weeks of daily life.


Sometimes, existing and/or potential hearing-aid users are gathered in focus groups to discuss various topics of relevance for our current research themes. Their input is most valuable and helps us to ensure that our work is going in a relevant direction.


...and it all ends with people

The goal with the research conducted at Eriksholm Research Centre is to make audiological discoveries with the potential to significantly enhance end-user benefits in future hearing care. Being part of Oticon ensures that our scientific insights are applied in solutions that empower people with hearing loss.

People are our most valuable source of insights
Did you know…

…more than 600 test sessions were conducted at Eriksholm Research Centre during 2011, with the participation of, in total, 250 test subjects.