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Research Areas

Although all of the research at Eriksholm originates with our mission, a very broad spread of topics is being investigated. We organise these under three strategic, mega-trend inspired research themes.

Eriksholm’s mission provides clear guidance about what we aim to achieve. At the same time it provides a high degree of freedom for us to pursue avenues of research in a wide range of topics, as opportunities and potential benefits arise and change over time.

To ensure future relevance of our work, we have taken inspiration from current mega-trends in audiology and defined three strategic research areas: Advanced Algorithms, eHealth, and Cognitive Hearing Science. This website is organized accordingly and you will find our research activities uploaded under the three main topics in the menu above.

Under the strategic research area you will find that we have organised our activities into eight general themes. Some of these themes are instantly recognisable as topic areas of long-standing importance, which any serious hearing-aid research group should be working on. Other themes reflect areas which have been the subject of a more unique focus at Eriksholm.

Nevertheless, Eriksholm’s research activities in practice are intricately linked across themes, and many studies address issues in multiple themes simultaneously. Browsing the descriptions of our studies will lead you via links into other themes. This reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the work we are doing, and the strength which we achieve by having people in the same group working on diverse questions.

Eriksholm’s research is grouped into themes which span the broad scope of our mission
Eriksholm workshops
The Oticon Foundation established the Eriksholm Workshop series for gathering small groups of experts in audiology and hearing science to have focused discussion and exchange of information about an important area of study for the purpose of describing the topic, suggesting areas for further study, and, if appropriate, developing a consensus statement.

2015 Eriksholm Workshop on Hearing impairment and Cognitive Energy. Snekkersten, Denmark
Eriksholm Workshop on Wideband Absorbance Measures of the Middle Ear. Oregon, USA
Eriksholm Workshop on Candidature for and and delivery of audiological services: special needs of older people. Snekkersten, Denmark
Eriksholm Workshop on Self Self-Report Outcome Measures in Audiological Rehabilitation including Hearing Aids. Snekkersten, Denmark
Eriksholm Workshop on Auditory Deprivation and Acclimatization. Snekkersten, Denmark

Did you know…

That many hearing aid users never get used to the sound of their own voice – they just stop complaining